Elusive, frustrating, but worth it


keys smaller

I’ve been running into periodic writing blocks with my book. I have a lot of ideas for the battles my herione will fight, but I’m missing some crucial parts that will explain the “science” (for lack of a better term) in the story. Specifically, I’m still working on what makes Sutton able to travel to these worlds, and how she discovers that in order to manage or control it.

It’s been very frustrating because it’s really held up my writing. I have a hard time making progress on the story until I’ve got these important pieces nailed down.

Sometimes it seems that if my imagination was in the form of topography, it would look like Kansas.

And I really, really want to write it all out. I want to see it take shape. I want to finish the draft and get into the guts of editing, which I love. I know the ending; I know where I want my characters to be as the story winds down. I’m still working on how to get them there.

I was so desperate to write – actually write – that on Saturday, I got an idea for a chapter and I began working on it. In two hours, I’d written 2000 words.

I’m not even sure I’ll use that particular piece, but it’s there if I need it. Most important, it showed me that if I come up with a good idea, I can sit down and write like crazy. It was a great feeling.

I hope I get it again soon.



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