It’s been a long time since I posted anything new. I’ve avoided it, to be honest, because I lost a dear friend a few weeks ago and I’m still mourning her.  In the worst twist of irony, this is the friend I mentioned in my first blog post here – the one who inspired me with all our talks of second acts.  She was driving home after work and died in a single-car crash.

It’s been devastating. She was someone I talked with, laughed with, commiserated with, and sought for advice.  We understood each other very well and were similar in so many ways.  When you find a friend like that, you don’t let her go until you have to. (I’m still not able to do that.)

She’d married for the first time only a few years ago. She was very interested in art and was pursuing a career in finding paintings and reselling them.  As she settled into these wonderful changes in her life, she was as happy as I’ve ever seen her. I’m glad that though she was taken from us unfairly and unexpectedly, she left when she was in a wonderful place.

I miss her professionally – she was an extraordinarily talented designer whose advice I planned to seek for my book – but more than that, I miss her personally.

I don’t know who I’m going to talk to about shoes now.  So Christine, this post is dedicated to you. I hope it makes you smile and know how much we all miss you.

Which should I wear tomorrow?

heels jimmy choo 9 heels christian louboutin new 8-14-13

heels cole haan 8-15-13  heels holiday

Hey, stop laughing at the pair with the bows! They’re cute!

Miss you, girl. God bless and Godspeed, today and always.


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