About me

 write 'til your fingers bleed

I’m a long-time writer but a first-time novelist.  I’m also a mom, a bureaucrat, and a wife. I love good writing, good people, good food, and shoes.  (Also the Oxford comma.)

My novel-in-progress is “Here not here,” a YA science fiction story.

Every day is filled with a million actions – some of them ingrained habits, some of them new. Each one moves you along in your life, from one step to the next.   And that’s how it’s supposed to be…until everything changes in ways you could never foresee.

What if the most insignificant part of your daily life jolted you to a place you’ve never been – somewhere that’s not on any map?

What if suddenly, you were the stranger in a strange land?

And what if you had to fight for your survival every time, in a new world that’s far outside the one we all know?

Sutton Kopec already has enough struggles in her life.  A full-time student and part- time waitress, she works hard to keep up with her studies and help support her mother and younger sister, Perrie. Her father disappeared a year ago from their New Jersey home without a word, and her mother’s silence on the subject still leaves Sutton with a frustrated ache that won’t go away.

On the most average morning, Sutton finds herself flung far away from everything she’s ever known. Without warning, she’s tossed into a dangerous situation that could end her life.  She survives without finding out how she got there – and days later, the scenario repeats itself, and then repeats itself again. Each time, she’s sent somewhere else, with new threats and unknowns. She always returns to her real life, but it’s as if time has stood still and she never left. She has to find out what’s happening to her…and why.

Across the continent, Craig Teale lives a privileged life in Arizona.  He might not get along with his father, but his life holds many other attractions: he’s a star college athlete who has his pick of girls, cars, and whatever else money can buy. His younger brother Robbie is an annoying kid, but he’s also the last tangible link Craig has to their mother, who left when Robbie was very young.  On a lazy sun-drenched afternoon, Craig and Robbie are pulled away from their backyard pool and thrown in the middle of a violent situation, and it’s up to Craig to save his little brother.

Craig and Sutton cross paths when they wind up in the same unexpected other-world.  All they have in common is Moving, where they’re both transported out of their normal lives and dropped into places which are unfamiliar and often treacherous.  There’s never any warning or any hint as to where they’ll go.  Different as they are, Sutton and Craig must cooperate and work together to get back to their real lives and find a way to stay there…to be here, and not here.


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