Not my best writing night

I’m writing dialogue between my main character and a military-general type who may or may not harm her…and the guy is starting to talk like my late Polish grandfather.

It may be time to close up shop for the night.



A short time ago, I had a lengthy conversation with a dear friend at work about second acts. We’ve both been in our fields for a long time – hers is publication graphics and design, and mine is public information and communications – and we realized we were itching to do something new. In my case, it’s the pursuit of a dream I’ve had for a very long time: to write a novel.

So I created this site to be my online home while I work on my book. It’s a young adult science fiction novel called “Here not here.” After writing it for more than a year, I’ve realized that the journey is as important as arriving at the destination, which would be the finished book.  The process has been a real revelation to me, even as I fumble and despair and, on occasion, get a few pages of the story right. If you enjoy writing or a creative endeavor of any kind, you might appreciate my thoughts on what it means to work at a craft like this.  If, like me, you’ve come to a vocation late in life, you may appreciate it all the more.

While the book is taking shape, I’ll be posting about my experiences and whatever I’ve learned along the way.  Maybe it’ll help you. Maybe you’ll find something that relates to what you’re doing in life, or maybe – I hope – it’ll make you laugh. I try to find humor in my own travails; it’s the best way to survive them and learn from them.

For me, writing is collaborative in that I like to share the misery and the success. I’d like to hear from you, too.